Helping Small Business Owners Build Profitable, Scalable, and Ultimately Saleable Businesses


What if there were a different path?

As a small entrepreneurial business owner, you will never get the life you want and reach the goals you want for your business without systematizing your business.


Most entrepreneurial business leaders are experts in their field. Still, they struggle with the complexities involved in scaling their business, with less than half of entrepreneurial businesses surviving more than five years.

A serial entrepreneur myself, I have “been there” and “done that” when it comes to both successful and less than successful ventures.

Today, I coach small business entrepreneurs in building and structuring their businesses more like a franchise – i.e., scalable and systems-based – rather than a “job” that leaves them running on an everlasting hamster wheel, tried, burned out, and frustrated.

Suggested Topics:

What are the Four Key Areas that Drive Profits in a Small Business?

  1. People … having the right people, in the right seats
  2. Purpose … that all buy into a shared purpose and common goal
  3. Playbook … that all work from a proven playbook
  4. Performance … in a productive and efficient manner

How does the Entrepreneur’s Role Change as the Business Grows?

The entrepreneur must change their mindset and actions from technician to owner, dealing with the challenges of managing people, projects, and issues from a high level instead of in the trenches.

What are the Stages that All Small Businesses must Navigate?

  1. Start Up … Pure survival, get your product or service to market before you run out of money
  2. Growth … Small boutique business, growing and having fun as the hamster wheel turns faster and faster
  3. Whitewater … Fun turns into a “job” with more time spent fire fighting than growth
  4. Systematized … The business is systematized, a foundation is laid for future sustainable growth

What are the Key Components of an Effective Business Roadmap?

  1. Purpose … Why do we exist?
  2. Core Values … What should we or shouldn’t we do?
  3. Pinnacle … The mountain peak we are aiming for
  4. Milestones … 3-5 year objectives on the way to the Pinnacle
  5. Goals … 1-year objects on the way to the next Milestone

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