The dream of entrepreneurial freedom ...

Why Admentus?

Helping Entrepreneurs Gain Clarity and Get More of What They Want From Their Business

Creators do not believe in “impossible” – they are problem solvers and will find a solution using their creativity and knowledge that spans various areas of expertise. The creator is focused on building solutions that last and doing things right the first time (even if it is a bit more work upfront).

I started building at an early age – whether it was massive Lego creations or custom software programs – and I have not stopped since.

After spending a number of years inside corporate america, never really finding my niche, I made my exit and formed Admentus to work with entrepreneurial leaders.

My background at the time was in technology, and I worked with numerous small and large businesses to implement various technology solutions to meet their needs.

Something was always missing ...​

Many of the businesses I worked with over the years suffered through similar foundational issues, in most cases succeeding despite themselves. The leadership teams dealt with unending unproductive meetings, issues that would no go away, personnel issues, etc.

These businesses were looking to technology solutions to help move forward and while technology has its place and can greatly impact productivity, it does not solve underlying business issues. 

 If the foundation is not strong, stacking more on top will only work for so long.

Everyone who competes goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

1 Corinthians 9:25

Taking an entrepreneurial approach …

Many entrepreneurs do not have a background in business. They build products or delivery amazing services. 

When it comes to business strategy though, they tend to wing it which works early on, but as the complexities of the business start to build, the foundation starts to crack.

However, an entrepreneur does not need an MBA to be able to run a successful, thriving, growing business. 

They simply need a designed system (vs. an system that defines itself) that guides and systematizes their business to ensure that it can grow and scale successfully.

The challenge today however is information overload – there are dozens of great systems designed by serious gurus.

So, which is the right one for you?


A new approach ...

What if there was a different path?

Instead of choosing the latest hot system and forcing your business into the box, you chose a guide that is focused on your growth and not a system.

Your guide is somebody that has been there before, knows the path up the mountain, and can help you take the best parts of all of the systems out there to build your system!

Building a business is not an easy journey, but the view at the top of the mountain is incredible!

Get you business back on trackTake a journey with a proven process and proven results

The Approach

Schedule an initial coaching session for you and your leadership team – completely complimentary – and establish a base camp for your team

The Climb

Work through a phased learning and implementation process to gain immediate results while continuing to build and grow as a team

The Pinnacle

Reach your pinnacle – obtain simplicity and clarity in your business, ultimately building a more profitable, scalable, and saleable business

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