What makes a Solid, Actionable Vision for your Entrepreneurial Business? Jeff Chastain November 30, 2020

What makes a Solid, Actionable Vision for your Entrepreneurial Business?

When it comes to your company’s vision, every marketing expert will tell you that you need one. And for most visionary-type entrepreneurial leaders, coming up with this vision is pretty simple, but things fall flat when it comes to execution.

“A Vision Without Traction is Simply a Hallucination”

Gino Wickman

This quote by Gino Wickman really illustrates the state I find many entrepreneurial business teams in. The visionary leader has a plan for where they see the business going, but the team does not see the same picture and thus does not act in a unified manner.

Imagine for a moment that I was to walk into your office (assuming that is possible again one day) and find you and your leadership team. If I asked each of your leadership team what they thought the vision for the company is, would I get the same answer from each of them? What if I then asked them exactly how they and/or their department fit into that vision? Would they know?

A solid, actionable vision should be more than a simple mission statement on the wall or in your marketing plan. Your vision should answer three questions for your team, your customers, and anybody interacting with your business …

  • Who are you as an organization?
  • Where are you going?
  • How are you going to get there?

When your team is not operating with the same picture you have for the organization, the result is a massive case of tug-o-war where everybody has competing priorities and is working on different projects. Everyone is “working hard,” but very little gets accomplished.

A good vision should be shared by all if you want to really gain traction in your organization.