Training Unleashed Podcast with Evan Hackel Jeff Chastain December 3, 2020

Training Unleashed Podcast with Evan Hackel

Thank you to Evan Hackel and the Training Unleashed podcast for the recent episode!

As Evan mentions during our conversation, challenges to a business can come in many forms. In fact, many businesses fail due to growing too fast or being faced with landing that “whale” of a project yet not being strong enough in their foundation to accommodate the growth properly.

Look at the parable of the wise man and the foolish man who both build a house (i.e., their business), but one builds his house on the rock, and the other builds his house on the sand. Of course, the storms come, and the house built on sand collapses as the foundation underneath was not strong.

From a business perspective, storms will come … a global pandemic, a key employee leaving, a key client leaving … or simply a huge change in growth overnight. It all comes down to the foundation of your business, and is it strong enough to withstand the storms that inevitably come?

The key here is that the wise man did not wait until the storm came to try and shore up his foundation. He planned and built a strong foundation under his house in anticipation of the storm. If you are in the midst of the storm or would like to get ahead of it and solidify the foundation of your business, we would love to show you what is possible.

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