The Leadership Stack Podcast with Sean Si Jeff Chastain March 23, 2021

The Leadership Stack Podcast with Sean Si

Thanks to Sean Si and The Leadership Stack podcast for the recent episode with our own Jeff Chastain! Actually, Sean and Jeff dug into so many topics, the episode had to be broken up into 3!

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In this episode, Sean and Jeff break down some of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face when building a business and specifically dive into having a vision for your business that can serve as a measuring stick for decisions as new opportunities and challenges arise.

In the second episode, Sean and Jeff discuss how to break through the inevitable ceilings that entrepreneurs hit as they grow their businesses.  Growing pains and challenges will exist at each new level of growth and it is imperative that the leaders of the business understand how to recognize and breakthrough these barriers to reach new levels.

In the last episode, Sean and Jeff get down into the details looking at business process management – specifically the critical importance of documenting and following standard business processes throughout the business in order to ensure that a consistent level of service and presented to the customer each and every time.