The Soul of Business Podcast with Blaine Bartlett Jeff Chastain November 5, 2020

The Soul of Business Podcast with Blaine Bartlett

Thank you to Blaine Bartlett and the Soul of Business podcast for the recent episode!

When you think of the soul of your business, what do you think of? This was a fascinating discussion as I had never thought about the soul in terms of the business before speaking with Blaine.

There are many definitions of the word soul when it comes to people, but the basic idea is that the soul is the part of every human that is not physical. It defines you and makes you who you are.

Putting this into the business perspective, the soul of your business should define who you are as a business. This is one component of the idea of building a vision for your business – an answer to the “who you are” question that is discussed in the Vision series.

So what is the “soul” of your business? Have you thought about it or defined it? Does the rest of your team know and embody it? If not, we would love to help you build a solid, actionable vision for your business.

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