Profit Answer Man with Rocky Lalvani

Are you building a high revenue business or a high profit business?

Thanks to Rocky Lalvani and the Profit Answer Man podcast for the recent episode!

Net or Gross, Revenue or Profit. I see these terms tossed around in business many times as if they mean the same thing – or entrepreneurs know the difference, but they are focused solely on their top-line revenues.

When I hear somebody celebrate that they crossed the $1M revenue mark, the question is, ok, is that good?

Of course, it is, right?

From being in business and working with many more, I can tell you it is a lot more fun to work with a $1M revenue-generating company with 60% profit than working with a $10M revenue-generating company with only 10% profit.

In this episode, Rocky and I talk about this issue regarding revenue and profits, along with what it takes to build and scale a profitable business.

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