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Building the right team of people to give you the entrepreneurial freedom you desire

Business Runs on People

Partners, Employees, Vendors, and Customers
Can I ask you a question?

If you were to start over today, would you hire or do business with all of the people you are doing business with today?

Learn how to identify the right people and then get them in the right seats, doing the right things, in the right way.

Who Is This Workshop For?

At the root of virtually every challenge I have heard from business leaders, there is people component.

Maybe you do not have the people necessary to delegate to and take things off your plate.

Or, despite the strategic plan you have put in place, you do not have the people executing on that plan – making it simply a dream.

Or, despite having a full team, you don’t have the right skills, the right expertise, or simply the right focus to move the business forward.

Along with some great insights, in this workshop we will walk you through three proven tools which you can immediately take back into your business to help bring clarity to both you and your team.

Join Us

April 8, 2021 @ 10:00 AM CST

Along with some great insights, you will take away three proven tools from this workshop to help bring clarity to both you and your team when it comes to the people component of your business.

In addition, for those that attend, we will extend the offer of an hour of one on one coaching with Jeff Chastain to answer any questions you may have about these tools and how you can apply them in your specific business scenario.

Meet Your Host: Jeff Chastain

Jeff has been working with business leaders for over 15 years, helping them to solve issues and get more of what they want from their business.

Having owned and managed several entrepreneurial business ventures himself, he understands the challenges that business owners can face and the struggles that come with trying to grow a business when that is not your area of expertise.

His passion is simply to help provide the clarity that business leaders crave in their business and then help them get more of what they want by leveraging proven tools, systems, and processes to build and strengthen the foundation of the business.

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