Moving Forward … Wondering About the New Normal Jeff Chastain May 9, 2020

Moving Forward … Wondering About the New Normal

Without trying to minimize the struggles that many are still going through today with this ongoing epidemic, I am personally choosing to focus on moving forward. The reality here is that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. The next question, though, is what lies at the other end? 

Personally, I fully expect a “new normal.”

For my technology-centric connections, how do you see technology changing going forward? After just a couple of months, Zoom has become a household word and is probably close to turning into a verb. At the same time, weaknesses in that platform and others have been exposed.

So, what does the new normal of technology look like?

Impacts on business …

In the past, companies adopted various levels of acceptance when it came to “remote work.”  Personally, I have not driven into an office in years, but I know many who are still making long daily commutes. 

I wonder if these past few months of forcing everybody into working remotely has shown companies the potential?

Impacts on security …

In speaking with my information security connections, we see many new risks exposed with remote work. We now have more employees with sensitive data working in insecure locations. We are communicating via tools and systems that are not secure. While this is not new, the scale is much greater now.

I wonder if this will lead to a renewed focus on information security, or will many businesses continue in ignorant bliss?

Impacts on sales …

For many of us, the last couple of months have brought new challenges and opportunities for networking and sales. I have been working with a new professional networking group called Highrise, which launched in Dallas right before the shutdown rules went into effect. We had one face-to-face meeting before we had to switch to virtual meetings. While certain aspects have been lost (i.e., the ease of having side conversations, etc.), networking and sales have continued. 

I wonder if the stigma of virtual video calls for networking, one-on-one meetings, and even sales “calls” will be lowered in the future?

Impacts on education …

For those of us with kids or involved with education, the last few months have definitely shown us what our kid’s teachers go through daily. Hopefully, this will lead to a new level of appreciation for that profession. At the same time, personally, I have seen how a fractured set of tools and resources has caused remote learning to be less than ideal. 

I wonder if there will be more options moving forward for remote learning as well as a new push towards developing kid-friendly, safe, and comprehensive learning environments online?

Now its your turn …

In looking down the tunnel, what do you see as the new normal? What changes have you had to make in your business to adapt, and what are you looking at for Q3 and beyond?