Humans Optimized: People + Technology Jeff Chastain October 19, 2020

Humans Optimized: People + Technology

Thank you to Suzanne York and the Humans Optimized podcast for the recent opportunity to discuss the intersection of technology and business – one of our favorite topics!

Technology can help propel virtually any business forward. It can speak up processes, make people more efficient and generally magnify the greatness of your business.

What happens, though, when you put technology on top of a broken process? For example, implementing the latest and greatest CRM that your buddy recommended while you were on the golf course … when you don’t really have a sales process, a marketing message, or any leads? Not much … or worse, it magnifies the fact that your process is broken.

In this episode, Suzanne and Jeff talked about the benefits technology can bring to help level the playing field with businesses while taking a strategic approach to ensuring you have a solid foundation in place before trying to move things forward faster with technology.

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