Conversation 52: A Magnifying Conversation with Marc Marling of Corporate Thought

Thanks to Marc Marling and the Corporate Thought podcast for the recent episode with our own Jeff Chastain!

Technology is an interesting thing.  In today’s technology-driven world, we are sitting at a desk with at least one computer at hand along with a cell phone that has more computing power than a computer had just 5 years ago.  We manage all of our contacts and sales in a CRM system, our books in an accounting system, and the list goes on and on.

While technology in itself can be a great benefit to the business, too often business leaders look to technology to solve business issues.  Sales are down, maybe a different CRM will help, right?

In reality, technology is a great magnifier If you have good, solid business systems in place, then adding technology on top can improve efficiency and automate some of the more mundane work.   However, putting technology onto a broken process simply magnifies the issues.

In this episode, Marc and Jeff talk about this dichotomy when it comes to the views of technology amongst other topics in business.

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