Can Meetings Actually be Productive? Jeff Chastain June 17, 2020

Can Meetings Actually be Productive?

When is the last time you walked out of a meeting feeling that was a really good, productive use of your time?  If you were to think about the meetings being held in your company, how would you rate them on a scale of 1 to 10? 

I was recently in a meeting with a leadership team and the founder of the company rated their meetings at a -2 … yes, that is a negative 2 … Ouch!

EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) is known for its attention on process and execution. One of the best tools in the EOS® Toolbox when it comes to daily execution and productivity is called the Level 10 Meeting®. 

Based upon my question about the rating above, you might guess (correctly) that the goal is to raise the score of all your meetings to a 10.  A lofty, but possible …

The agenda for a Level 10 goes something like this …

There is a lot to unpack in each one of these agenda items, so I am going to break this out rather than attempting to write a book here.

Before getting into the details, what does following this meeting agenda do for your team?

  • Meetings start and end on time again … the structure of the meeting is set
  • Visibility and accountability are on full display … everybody knows what is expected
  • Productivity is increased and issues get solved … once and for all
  • Everyone is open and honest … feedback and accountability are handled professionally

If your meetings are not going as planned or you have questions about how the Level 10 meeting works, let’s jump on a quick call and take a look.